Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Nights at La'ie Point

Sometime during the late winter months in Hawaii, Gordon and I started going out to La'ie Point on Friday evenings. We would stop at Subway, get a two for one sandwich, and drive out to sit at the Point in the car. We went out looking for whales that were migrating North. All the other missionaries said they had spotted them out that way, so we went looking ourselves. It made for a very pleasant evening. The breeze was so fresh, the sky and ocean so blue, and it was very peaceful, just sitting there, eating, and watching for whales.

Several times we did spot some, but they were so far out from the Point that they were really hard to see.

One Saturday we went with Karelyn and LaVere Adams, the CES missionaries, on the "Star of Honolulu" on a whale spotting cruise. It was guaranteed deal: if they didn't spot any whales, then we could have another trip. It was a two hour trip around Waikiki and beyond. And we did see a whale.... a baby one at that. The Captain explained to the 100's on that cruise that the mother whale was teaching her baby how to come up for air. We did follow them for quite some time, but we really didn't see either of them 'breach' or jump out of the water. They just came to the surface and blew. All we saw was their spouts and their backs. But we did see a whale, so there was no other trip in store.

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Cherise Oleson said...

I am anxious to go visit my parents in Hawaii - we are leaving this Friday and will be there almost 2 weeks. I am told it is not whale spotting season now though. What fun you must have had! (I wish my parents would start a blog too!)