Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Want to Play Too!

Gramma Tag

How many loads of laundry do you do every week? Two; three if we have the grandkids over.

How many toilets do you scrub in a month? We have three bathrooms for three people. But only two are used daily. And one of those two is only used in the morning and in the evening. I don’t scrub that toilet. Hmm, I usually don’t have to clean the main bathroom either because no one uses it unless the grandkids come. So I clean one bathroom, once a week x four weeks.

How many diapers have you changed? Well, I had six children and now 24 grandchildren. If they are in diapers for an average of twenty-four months and they use about five diapers a day in an average month of 30 days…that would be 30 x 24 x 30 x five =108,000 . Oh, I know I didn’t change all those grandkids diapers, but I did work as a nurse in pediatrics for three or four years and in the new born nursery for several years, and we changed diapers on those infants probably once every hour if not more often!! And most of the time they were the cloth diapers! They had to be rinsed out in the toilet!

How often do you have to empty your vacuum? I just emptied the vacuums for the first time this year.

How many loads of dishes do you do each day? We run the dishwasher about every third day, unless the grandkids come.

How often do you scrub your floors? Oh, probably once a month…or at least spot clean them once a month, unless the grandkids come.

How many boxes of cereal does your family consume in one week? One or two bowls a week, unless the grandkids come.

How many buckles do you buckle when loading the car? I just buckle my own seatbelt. Grampa can buckle his own. If we have the grandkids come, then it takes us a half hour to figure out how that car seat works.

How many gallons of milk do you buy each week? A gallon usually last us for three weeks, or until it expires, unless the grandkids come.

How much does it cost to fill your vehicle with gas? About $40 every two weeks.

How often do you go to Costco or Sam's? Twice a week.

How many meals (equivalent) end up on your kitchen floor? It depends whose meal it is: The ants? They had a feast last week with a tiny piece of potato chip. I messed them up big time by squirting a circle of detergent around them. (I learned that in Hawaii)

How many beds have you made in the past year? One bed x 365 days = 365 divided by two (because Grampa helps) = 182 ½

How many baths do you give each week? At my age it should be: How many baths do you take each week? Well, in Hawaii, we needed at least one shower a day. Here in the desert, well that is another story.

How many Polly Pocket shoes have you vacuumed? None, unless the grandkids have come over

Airsoft BB's and/or rocks have you found in the washer/dryer? None, since Grampa stopped collecting them.