Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Big Tree

Well, we outlasted the tree we planted about 25 years ago.  When we got the cottonless cottonwood tree from Valley Nursery, we knew that it would grow big, but we didn't think we would be around when it had to be removed.  And maybe, under the right circumstances, it would have outlasted us.

When we got home from Hawaii in June, we could see that the top 1/3 of the tree had not leafed out.  And through the summer we could see that the leaves that did come out did not look healthy. We were worried that if we had another harsh winter that the tree may just fall or some of the large limbs would break off and perhaps damage the deck or the house. 

So, last week we contacted a tree removal company.  When the gentleman came out, he pointed out all the infestation holes in the bark and said that he could trim off the upper half and probably keep the tree going for another few years, but the cost would be almost as much as if we had the whole tree removed.  We decided that we might as well just have the whole tree taken and not have to go through it again.  It has only been about 5 years since we had another company come and prune it back from the roof.

This morning he came with his crew of three men who took that tree out in about 2 hours. In addition he pruned the Russian Olive and said it would be much healthier and provide more shade next summer.  

It is sad to see such a giant go that provided us with so much shade over the years.  It certainly made our deck much cooler to use and much more pleasant as well. And it kept our house a little cooler as well. 

Happily, however, it left a part of itself in the tall, fast growing tree that is on the hill to the south. Our tree surgeon said that it would be a healthier tree because it had come up on it's own and had most likely put down a tap root deep into the ground that a planted tree usually doesn't do because the planter does not take the time to  loosen all the roots that are wound around themselves in the pot.  

The big tree will be missed, especially next summer.